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Linwood has been a global leader in the design and building of contemporary post and beam homes for almost 50 years.


In Post & Beam construction, wall posts support the roof and floor beams. Connections between the posts & beams are made with metal connectors on the building site. This is different than complete timber framing, in which the entire supporting frame of the home is built by connecting mortise-and-tenon joints.


Post & beam construction is sometimes called “half-timbering” and originated to create buildings capable of bearing heavy weight without the excessive use of vertical posts across interior spaces.

Strong, Versatile, Cost Effective Construction

Since its inception in 1968, Linwood has become a global expert in post & beam building systems. Although we also provide home packages that use conventional roof truss systems, we specialize in home packages assembled using post & beam construction. This system provides an exceptionally solid framework for your home featuring vaulted ceilings, large expanses of windows, and bright, open living spaces. As well, the commercial costs often associated with achieving this “open-concept” effect are eliminated when using
Linwood’s post & beam building system and materials

Inside a Linwood Home Package


All Post & Beam Series plans on the Linwood website can be built using post & beam construction from premium Douglas fir glu-lam beams and/or optional solid beams,and connectors. Linwood’s Post & Beam Specification features several exposed glu-lam roof beams.


I look forward to helping you create your own custom post and beam or traditional framed home soon!

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