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Linwood's prefab homes include custom design, a material package to the lockup stage and a builder to build it for you to completion.


Customers often start with one of our Home Plans and modify to suit their preferences and site conditions. This design service, through to permit ready drawings is included in the Linwood package.

The material package guarantees quality building materials in proper quantities to the lockup stage. This consists of all framing materials for the floors, walls & roof, windows, exterior doors, exterior siding, trim and roofing. Exterior walls can be prefabricated for faster construction. For a guaranteed price.

A builder in our network can either build to lockup and you finish it or build to completion. Linwood's system also provides you with an opportunity to act as an Owner Builder.

Brad's will assist with budgeting and guide you through the process to ensure your cabin is built to your requirements.

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