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The design you choose is the first and most important decision of your project. It drives your budget and the cost of building your home.
Linwood specializes in Site-Specific Design™.


Our 50 years of new home building experience goes to work helping you choose the right design to give
you what you want and meet your budget.

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The type of land you own makes a significant difference to what kind of home you can build, as well as the actual cost of building it. Getting the best building solution starts with a review of the opportunities and challenges of your property. With this information in hand, we can then help you determine the best building solution. 



Brad can assist you in preparing a realistic budget which considers all of the items that will be involved in your specific project. This process helps makes sure that the cost of your project does not exceed your budget.


It takes longer than most people think to build a custom home. Putting up the structure of the home does not take that long but obtaining approvals and getting ready to build can take time depending on decisions and permit process.

Brad helps you every step of the way to get your project moving as quickly as possible so that construction can be completed by your target occupancy date.



Brad can assist you to choose one of the experienced independent builders in the Linwood builder network.


The Linwood home package works equally well for an owner-builder as it does for a hired general contractor. This is because it has been developed to offer a complete home building solution to meet individual homeowner needs. Each package is fully customized to deliver the right combination of design and materials so that the home can be built in the most cost efficient manner.

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