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Brad provides quality Linwood Home Design & Material Packages. The home package or kit includes all the materials required to build your home to the "lockup" or "weathertight" stage. For a guaranteed price.



Prefabricated wall panels are manufactured at the Linwood plant by specialized automated equipment.

Using prefabricated wall panelization is popular where fast construction is required, availability of skilled labor is limited, or the homeowner wants to act as general contractor.


We provide design services, full construction drawings ready for permit and a quality material package to the lockup stage. For a guaranteed price. 

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Many upgrades and options are available to enhance exterior and interior appearance and overall building performance.


For over 50 years Linwood has provided a 10 year structural warranty. As a world-leader in the design and supply of custom home packages and home kits, we understand the value of only working with reputable manufacturers. As a result, Linwood customers benefit from strong ties with national, brand name suppliers who have a proven track record of servicing products in the field. The extended warranties of these suppliers are combined with the Linwood 10-year structural warranty to give you outstanding warranty coverage.    

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