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For minor adjustments to standard plans for site and personalization, Brad can provide:


  • Basic floor plans & 2 exterior elevation drawings. 

  • Guaranteed pricing for the Linwood design & material package.

  • Detailed material package specifications.

  • 60 day price protection on Linwood design & material package.

  • Updated Rough Budget to build home to completion. 


Select a standard design from home plans or cabin plans.  With this selection Brad can provide you with a Linwood design and material package price delivered to your site. Brad can also produce a rough budget to build your home to completion. This gives us an  opportunity to check that we are on track for your target budget.

The standard design can be modified to suit your site characteristics and personal preferences when we proceed to Concept Design.

Discovery floor plan.jpg


When you are satisfied with the concept  design, material package specifications and price, it is time to place  an order. An order is placed with a 10% deposit on the Linwood package and a signed purchase agreement.

When  the order is placed, Linwood will produce a set of preliminary drawings  based on the final concept design and material specifications. The drawings are printed on full size 36"x24" paper so you can review your plans in detail. Two sets of changes can be done to the preliminary drawings before proceeding to Final Drawings. 


For customization or a completely custom design, Brad can do a Design Development for you. A fee is charged for this service. This includes:  

  • Floor plans and 4 elevations, modified to reflect your changes. 

  • Guaranteed pricing for the Linwood design & material package. 
  • Detailed material package specifications. 

  • 60 day price protection on Linwood design and material package .

  • Detailed budget assistance & Project timing information.

  • One set of design changes. 

The fee is credited towards the purchase of the Linwood design and material package.

Final drawings.jpg


When you approve your preliminary  drawings, we can proceed to the final drawing stage. At this stage all  the final drawings are done including:


  • All floor plans & foundation plan.

  • All exterior elevations with details and colours.

  • Window & door schedules.

  • Beam sizing & load calculations.

  • Cross section drawings.

  • Construction details.

  • Roof venting calculations.

  • Energy efficiency calculations. 


When you approve the final drawings we can then proceed to structural engineering if required. 


Permit ready drawings are then produced to allow you to apply for your building permit. 

Building Plans
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