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Brad lives on Salt Spring Island and combines his home design and building expertise with his knowledge of the island. He can help you design and build a custom home or cabin to suit your lot and personal preferences. His Salt Spring Builder network will ensure a quality home built for your target budget.

Salt Spring Island Building Information:

Salt Spring is in the Capital Regional District (CRD). For information on building a home in the CRD, see the Residential Building Permit Guide.

Land Use on Salt Spring is managed by Islands Trust. The Salt Spring Island Land Use Bylaw 355 covers the permitted uses for buildings, accessory buildings, seasonal cottages, siting, setbacks and zoning. A copy of the Bylaw can be found here.

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Recent Projects on Salt Spring include:

  • Salt Spring Skywater Cottage - now in design phase

  • Salt Spring Bishops Walk - starting construction

  • Salt Spring Mountain Top - modern design - now complete

  • Salt Spring Modern - 3 bedroom home - now complete

  • Salt Spring Skywater House & Studio - now complete

  • Salt Spring Mt Maxwell cabin - now complete

  • Salt Spring Scott Point House - now complete

  • Salt Spring Maracaibo House - now complete

  • Salt Spring Craftsman Style Small Home - now complete

  • Salt Spring Guest Cottage - now complete

  • Salt Spring Conservancy Building - now complete

Salt spring view.jpg

To go with the Bylaw are useful land use maps showing zoning:


Map 1 - Northern area of Salt Spring.

Map 2 - Booth Bay and surrounding area.

Map 3 - Ganges, Long Harbour & surrounding areas.

Map 4 - Burgoyne bay & surrounding areas.

Map 5 - Fulford Harbour & surrounding areas.

Map 6 - Southern area of Salt Spring Island

Map of Secondary suite areas on Salt Spring Island


If you are looking for a lot on Salt Spring Island and would like advice on building feel free to contact Brad.


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